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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

RUGBY615 - a Website providing a Landing Page for the 615 Community (and beyond) is a new Rugby Initiative for Rugby Seekers to FIND out more about RUGBY in the Middle TN area. A simple way for someone to FIND a club that meets their needs in the RUGBY Community has now been launched. With no more intent than to pull all of our Local Rugby Organizations Web Links, Contact information, Schedules, and Program information onto one Website for others to find them ... This SITE is a place for anyone who "lands there" to find the Rugby Program that they may not know existed and fits their needs best.

Links to YOUTH and ADULT PROGRAMS are front and center on the Home Page!


MTRC - Local High School, Middle School, and Elementary Age Players have a number of options

Panther Academy - a National Development Program with a direct pathway to the USA Eagles that is made up of Youth players from all over the Southeast USA and beyond


Nashville Men (DII)

Nashville Women (DII)

Nashville Grizzlies (DIII Men)

Murfreesboro Minotaurs (DIII Men)

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